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    "Plants LOVE it!  Pest HATE it!"

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    Blue Magic™ products are Certified Organic and use our Eco-friendly blend of Ecologically Sustainable™ ingredients, as well as our exclusive BiomeMax® MicroBiome Replication Technology™. This blend of natural sesquiterpenes are some of the most powerful pest repellents in nature and found in rare varieties of natural sources.


    The key ingredient in Blue Magic™ was discovered by Hempryre Genetics in conjunction with Northwestern Oklahoma State University on Project Hemp for Victory.  Project Hemp for Victory set out to acquire cannabis genetics that was leftover from the industrial hemp farming that took place in the state of Oklahoma during the 1930s and '40s.  During the program, Blue Magic™ was tested on over 10,000 plants to eliminate white powdery mildew and unwanted pests.  We noted the plant's response after the first application.  Withing 24 hours, drooping and yellowing in the leaves had changed to reaching upward and regaining color and plants were 98% free of visible white powdery mildew.

    The organically derived complex of terpenes behind the science of Blue Magic™ is found in nature in many pheromonial excretions from pests around the world.  Certain plants also contain one or more of these compounds to help repel pests and prevent white powdery mildew.  During Project Hemp for Victory  we identified and acquired a land race strain, growing in Northern Oklahoma, of industrial hemp that contained only the 6 specific sesquiterpenes and its chemical make up.  We immediately noticed this  varietal was showing no signs of pests or white powdery mildew typically associated with cannabis in Oklahoma.  We procured a sample and ran laboratory analysis and confirmed our hypothesis.  This unique varietal is the basis for Blue Magic™ Patented Terpene Technology.


    Avoid the tragic,use Blue Magic™!

    Blue Magic Suggested Use

    Plant pest infestation


    Mix 2 ounces of Blue Magic™ for every 1 gallon of water. Apply treatment, repeating every 2 days until infestation is resolved. Return to regular maintenance schedule.

    Blue Magic™ was precisely formulated as the first line of defense into pest and white powdery mildew prevention for commercial farms and home gardens. This first of its kind Patented Terpene Technology™is designed with the cultivator and environment in mind!  Blue Magic™ uses a blend of eco-friendly ingredients and naturally derived sesquiterpenes to eradicate white powdery mildew and many other detrimental pests with help from our  Patented Terpene Technology™ . When utilized from seedling to harvest, Blue Magic™ provides a solution to common hemp problems, resulting in higher yields and overall potency. Blue Magic™ is an ecologically safe answer to all those hard to manage problems of growing cannabis or other fruits and vegetables.


    Blue Magic™ is exempt from EPA registration under FIFRA 25(b) and is U.S. Patent Pending.

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    Weekly Maintenance

    Mix 1 ounce of Blue Magic™ for every 1 gallon of water. Apply treatment weekly.To avoid damaging plants, never apply Blue Magic™ under the use of grow lights while powered on. Shake the bottle thoroughly. Fill a spray bottle and spray the entire plant thoroughly, covering all leaves, stems and stock. Allow plants to dry before turning grow lights on. Exposure to strong light while wet may cause damage to plants.

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