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Blue Magic


Blue Magic is a one of a kind fungicide, pest repellant, and foliar. This product was researched and developed by Farmer Ryan in conjunction with Northwestern Oklahoma Universities Research Program. They have discovered how to use microbiome technology to replicate the pheromones that multiple pests around the world secrete when they die. This pheromone-based product is engineered to repel all the pests you don’t want such as mosquitos, flies, gnats, and ants. All while, secreting a pheromone derived to attract all the good insects or bugs like bees, lady bugs, and praying mantises. Aside from being a phenomenal organic way to keep away the pests, this product also increases the vitality of your plants by 80%. The research shows that this product also decreases the need for using fertilizers by 30%. This completely organic product is 25b exempt and is safe for use on plants from seed to day of harvest. Blue Magic also has been proven to be a powerful fungicide that eliminates white powdery mildew. This incredible product is so versatile with its large arrangement of everyday uses. This product can be used as a form of preventative maintenance and an eliminator of fungal and mold problems in your plants. Once a week for preventative maintenance and 2-3 times a week for infestations.

Avoid the tragic,use Blue Magic™!

Blue Magic™ was precisely formulated as the first line of defense into pest and white powdery mildew prevention for commercial farms and home gardens. This first of its kind Patented Terpene Technology™is designed with the cultivator and environment in mind!  Blue Magic™ uses a blend of eco-friendly ingredients and naturally derived sesquiterpenes to eradicate white powdery mildew and many other detrimental pests with help from our  Patented Terpene Technology™ . When utilized from seedling to harvest, Blue Magic™ provides a solution to common hemp problems, resulting in higher yields and overall potency. Blue Magic™ is an ecologically safe answer to all those hard to manage problems of growing cannabis or other fruits and vegetables.

Avoid the tragic, use Blue Magic™!


Blue Magic™ is exempt from EPA registration under FIFRA 25(b) and is U.S. Patent Pending.


Blue Magic™ was expertly designed with the cannabis grower and environment in mind. We set out on an extensive research journey to provide a safe alternative to the harmful chemicals we see on shelves today. With all the many uses for cannabis, we wanted to create a product that is safe in all aspects. Blue Magic™ has been tried, tested and trusted by growers all over the nation as their solution to deterring detrimental pests while increasing the plants overall vitality.


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