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How did we get into Blue Magic™ and Other Brands?

Blue Organic Supplies, LLC is dedicated to providing outstanding products that will better the lives of those who use them. From brands that help bring balance to the body and mind to revolutionary advancements in the agricultural and horticultural fields. The founder of Blue Organic Supplies Bruce C. has a passion for helping others and creating beautiful environments. He opened his first nursery back in 1991 and has been heavily involved in the Nursery and Garden Center field since. When he found one of our brands Blue Magic™ he was absolutely blown away. In all of his years this is the first single product that took care of his plants that would typically take the power of three!  This product gave the plants the ability to thrive stronger and produce more while being completely protected from pests, mold and mildew. This was the start of Blue Organic Supplies. 


Blue Magic™ as a product was developed in 2018 by Ryan Early in conjunction with Hempyre Genetics and Northwestern Oklahoma State University through the Hemp for Victory Campaign. Mountain View Holdings Group was on the verge of shutting down its operation due to spider mite infestations, powdery mildew, and lack of yield. The owner of Blue Organic Supplies LLC, Bruce ran across this product through word of mouth from other growers in Oklahoma. He tested the product on Mountain View Holdings and was blown away with the results. This product saved the grow and increased yields upwards of 30%. We also were able to see that this product decreases the need for water by up to 20% and the need for fertilizers by up to 30%. Blue Magic™ also deters unwanted pests by upwards of 90%! An ecologically sustainable product all-in-one magical bottle!!

After launching with Blue Magic™ commercial strength, we have been able to grow with the same BiomeMax®  MicroBiome Replication Technology™ in our Naturals by Blue Magic™ ready to use and now BiomeShield people and pets products as well. Providing protection from pests in every aspect of your life! With these outstanding lines creating breathtaking environments, Bruce started to look to brands that improve mental and physical imbalances as well. Providing a full circle of wellness with brands such as Active Duty Rx™. We are giving the opportunity to improve your wellbeing with products like Clarity and Focus™ ES and Roll Call™. Enhancing the mind and relief from bodily discomforts.

Our Story

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