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Questions & Answers

  • Does Blue Magic offer a Ready to Use (RTU) line?
    Our RTU line is in R&D now as we prepare to launch our Home & Garden “Home Defense” Pre-Mix line. The first product to be released will feature a 32 oz. container with a built-in handle fitted to an adjustable flow spray head with a garden hose attachment. This unit is preset to mix Blue Magic at the correct rate and is targeted at Turf and Lawn care for small to medium-sized yards. We anticipate a soft launch by mid to late October and a full production release by early November 2022.
  • What is Blue Magic?
    Blue Magic is a new Ecologically Sustainable Pest Repellent and Fungicide using a Patent Pending Microbiome Replication TechnologyTM, which replicates the Pheromonal Excretions of many common pests found around the globe
  • Does Blue Magic offer products for people?
    Naturals by Blue Magic will feature a Flying Insect Repellent incorporating our Microbiome Replication Technology in an easy-to-use eight oz. pump bottle and a travel size 3 oz. This personal use product is ideal for repelling mosquitos and other common pests worldwide. Naturals by Blue Magic utilizes natural ingredients and is PH balanced to minimize skin irritation. This line is expected to soft launch in early November and has a full release by early 2023.
  • When will the pet line be available?
    Naturals by Blue Magic will offer a line for Pet owners to protect their pets utilizing our Naturals Oatmeal Pet Shampoo and Flea and Tick spray. Both of these items will incorporate our Microbiome Replication Technology keeping unwanted pests and parasites away without using harmful chemicals and synthetic drugs. These products are in R&D now, and a soft launch is expected in early November, with a full release in early 2023.
  • What good bugs?
    Blue Magic’s Microbiome Replication Technology mimics the pheromones excreted by many species of pests as a defense mechanism to wane predators. Preying Mantis and Ladybugs feed on the common pest. Blue Magic effectively attracts the most common predatory insects and beetles.
  • What is in Blue Magic that prevents fungus such as White Powdery Mildew?
    Studies have shown the unique pheromonal excretions of many common pests have shown significant results as a natural fungicide and pathogen preventative. Therefore, the University of Auburn is currently running Double Replicated studies to validate the effectiveness of Blue Magic against White Powdery Mildew. This study is expected to be completed and data compiled and released by early November.
  • What pests does Blue Magic prevent from entering your Garden?
    Mosquitos Gnats Fleas Chiggers White Flies Spider Mites Russet Mites Bot Flies House Flies No See Ums Aphids Root Aphids Thrips Squash Bugs Silverfish Some species of Ants Cinch Bugs Fungus gnats Snails Ticks
  • How is Blue Magic beneficial to my Garden?
    Blue Magic prevents detrimental and unwanted pests away through our Microbiome Replication Technology. Our technology also attracts beneficial insects and helps keep them in the area for an extended period. In recent studies, Blue Magic has been shown to maximize nutrient mobility throughout the plant allowing for less fertilizer and even water requirements while boosting overall plant vitality
  • What is "White Powdery Mildew?
    White Powdery Mildew is a fungal disease that affects plant leaves and stems, coating them in what looks like a white or gray powder-like substance. This rapidly reproducing fungus does two things: Eat your plants and produce more White Powdery Mildew.
  • During what stages can I use Blue Magic?
    Blue Magic can be used throughout the entire life cycles. Blue Magic is safe for use up to the day of harvest in flowering plants and food crops.
  • Can I use Blue Magic as a soil drench?
    Blue Magic can be effective as a Root drench showing effectiveness in mitigating root aphids and fungus gnats in commercial cultivation centers. Blue Magic is PH balanced and thus makes for the perfect soil drench! We recommend reintroducing microbes to your soil afterwards and have not yet developed a protocol; however, studies are underway that will provide the crucial 3rd party data necessary to make such recommendations.
  • What is the secret behind Blue Magic? What differentiates Blue Magic from other organic pest repellent like LOST COAST PLANT THERAPY?
    The secret behind Blue Magic is its patent-pending Microbiome Replication Technology discovered under a University Research Program conducted in Oklahoma in the 2018/2019 Industrial Hemp Pilot Program. During this program, over 100 feral and landrace varietals of industrial hemp were procured from nearly all 77 counties in Oklahoma. One of those specimens proved unique in its ability to replicate common pests found in food crops and turf production. This soon led to what would become Blue Magics Microbiome Replication Technology. As for our competitors, they all claim to be the best. We simply aim to be different, and in doing so, Blue Magic is setting the standard in Natural Pest Prevention and Ecologically Sustainable Bio technologies.
  • What University helped research and develop Blue Magic?
    Farmer Ryan Early worked in conjunction with Northwestern Oklahoma State University as the General Contractor appointed to conduct this research program with help from Hempyre Genetics and the Midwest Microbiome Repository
  • How will Blue Magic benefit my lawn and garden?
    When utilized around the house in shrubs, bushes, and the lawn, research shows Blue Magic effectively mitigates common pests such as mosquitos, fleas, ticks, chiggers, white flies and many others! In addition, blue Magic is shown to increase turf and shrub/flower vitality, all while reducing the need for chemical fertilizers! Our Home Defense by Blue Magic will offer an easy-to-use premixed container connecting directly to and garden hose. this allows homeowners to rest assured of a proper delusion and even application with the adjustable spray head. Each 32. oz container will cover up to 40,000 Sq ft and can be refilled using our Blue Magic Home and Garden concentrate.
  • How will Blue Magic help with commercial grow operations and large greenhouses?
    When Implemented as a standard IPM, Blue Magic has proven effective in eliminating and preventing white powdery mildew and other pathogens such as Botrytis. In addition, blue magic has also been shown to eradicate two-spotted spider mites in a wide range of crops. The University of Auburn is currently performing Double Replicated Studies of Blue Magics' effectiveness in Eliminating and repelling White Powdery Mildew, Thrips, and Two-Spotted Spider Mites, available in early November.
  • What is the difference between Home & Garden vs. Farm & Ranch?
    Blue Magic currently offers two lines of Natural Pest Preventatives and Fungicides for agriculture and turf care. Home and Garden is a residential-grade, consumer-friendly, easy-to-use line for those seeking out an effective yet eco-friendly alternative to modern pesticides and fungicides. Farm & Ranch is a professional strength concentrate with a high delusion rate of 128:1 developed to naturally manage commercial food production and turf care with the environment in mind. Blue Magic is the clear solution to growing a brighter future for everyone when cost savings on inputs and ecological impacts are assessed.
  • Does Blue Magic keep grasshoppers away?
    Blue Magic has shown to deter some species; however, more research is needed to confirm which species and just how effective Blue Magic is against them.
  • Is Blue Magic OMRI complicant?
    We are undergoing the application and review process with OMRI Registration now.
  • Will Blue Magic Damage My Plants?
    We have had reports of application during peak sunlight, high-intensity grow lights, and extreme temps in greenhouses that have caused vapor burn as standard with any liquid applied under those conditions. In addition, failure to shake well; before mixing or mixed product that has settled and is not agitated can cause damage due to surfactants and emulsifiers that separate over time. Therefore, it is recommended to use Blue Magic within 10 minutes of mixing or agitation may be required. Additionally, it is recommended to clean any product in the lines after agitation. Failure to do so may result in spotting of leaves or leaf damage.
  • Do you need to wear protective gear? If any, what is recommended?
    As recommended on the label
  • When is the best time of the day to spray your plants?
    Blue Magic is best applied in the early morning or evening in outdoor settings and indoors with the lights powered off.
  • How long is Blue Magic good for?
    Blue Magic has a five-year shelf life. Once mixed, we recommend applying within 10 minutes. Settling may occur in which agitation is necessary.
  • How long does shipping take?
    Once orders are confirmed, shipping typically takes place within 48hrs.
  • How do I get more info of Blue Magic?
    Visit for more information on where to purchase and about our team.
  • Is Blue Magic considered a Miticide?
    Blue Magic is effective in the mitigation of spider mites and russet mites. No further data has been acquired on other species
  • Does Blue Magic deter armyworms or caterpillars?
    Blue Magic has no effects on caterpillars and armyworms.
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