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Blue Magic Testimonials





Before Blue Magic™ we were fighting multiple forms of infestations such as Mold, Spider Mites, Powdery Mildew, White Fly, and other issues. Below we have shown what we were struggling with before being introduced to Blue Magic™. The first slideshow below shows the issues we were experiencing before using Blue Magic™

Mountain View

After using Blue Magic our plants have not only been rid of the above infestations, but have also increased our yield as well by 30%. You can see the visible difference, as we experienced an instant substantial change. We have been consistently using Blue Magic products now for a year and have never had a problem since starting.


Blue Organic Supplies

Here at Blue Organic Supplies we believe in a product that works! We aren’t only going to tell you how well it works, we will prove it to you! Blue Magic™ is proven to increase vitality rates and reduce needs for water usage, and visuals are the best way to show how Blue Magic™ truly works! 

The Blue Organics Team started by picking our testing area and squaring off an area we thought the product would cover. We marked off a 30x30 sq ft segment in the yard at our office in the middle of November when the grass is starting to die off from the cooler weather coming in. Once that was determined we connected the water hose to the Naturals by Blue Magic™ Attachment. Our coworker turned the nozzle on full blast and started to spray the chosen area with two nice heavy coats of product. We were shocked as to how far the product sprayed, we managed to reach about 20 ft length of our marked off area. The full 32 oz bottle once empty covered a whole 1800 sq ft! Curiosity kills the cat! Therefore; we had to test how high the attachment could spray! An extra bottle was gathered and our Magnolia tree was the perfect test subject, our product on full blast pointing straight up sprayed about 15 ft! Now it was time to wait for the true Magic to happen! 3 days after anxiously waiting it was time to check out our results, we were amazed! The grass was a brighter luscious green color, you could tell the difference from the surrounding area! Again, this assessment was completed in the middle of November, it was crazy to see the colors brought back to life towards the end of the season! This proves that this product is a game changer in keeping your grass green, vibrant, and healthy! This versatile product also deters chiggers, fleas, and ticks from your yard ensuring your pups safety!

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