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Learn NATURAL'S by Blue Magic™

What makes Blue Magic™ Naturals Products Above the Competition?


Put down those damaging pesticides. No need for harmful chemicals here!


Naturals by Blue Magic™ products provide powerful and natural solutions to eliminate Fungi and repel harmful insects without synthetic chemicals. Using Farmer Ryans innovative and sustainable Patent Pending BiomeMaxⓇ Microbiome Replication Technology™, our products replicate natural pheromonal excretions produced by insects to warn other insects of immediate danger. Farmer Ryan was able to duplicate this effect using this patent-pending plant-based technology to eliminate the need for harsh chemicals for crop and turf protection and pests that affect people and pets too. As a result, Blue Magic™ can reduce or eliminate the need for chemical pesticides and fungicides and has been shown to reduce input requirements for fertilizers and irrigation, further mitigating the negative environmental impacts of managing pests and the associated effects of fungal infestations. 



About Ryan Biography Ryan Early is the controlling owner of Blue Green Ventures, Blue Green Earth Sciences, AWH, and Can-Tek Labs, and the General Contractor for the Northwestern Oklahoma State University Industrial Hemp Pilot Program which helped to discover the key to Nature’s Magic Pest Prevention, known as Blue Magic™ and the secret BiomeMax® technology that will power the future of natural farming and insect repellents for People, Plants, and Pets. Blue-Green Ventures is the manufacturer of Blue Magic™

Our BiomeMaxⓇ Microbiome Replication Technology™

Our products will not harm bees or other pollinators and attract beneficial predatory insects such as Ladybugs and Praying Mantis.

“Pest Prevention,The Natural Way”

“Home & Garden”

The Blue Magic™ Home and Garden line of products was developed with the homeowner and gardener in mind. Our 32 oz Pre-Mixed lineup is Ready-to-Use right off the shelf. It is available in a handheld adjustable flow unit that easily connects to any garden hose and has excellent reach (Up to 20’), and Covers an average of 1800 sq ft. This product line also features a concentrated refill that makes Naturals by Blue Magic™ the Eco-Smart and Budget-Friendly choice for natural gardening and pest prevention.

“Parks & Recreational Areas”

Naturals by Blue Magic™ is being implemented by city park managers, wedding venue operators, and private recreation area managers nationwide as an Environmentally Responsible solution to both managing the turf and landscaping as well as keeping the areas free of unwanted insects and pests. 

"Turf Management”

Naturals by Blue Magic™ is currently being tested in many Universities. From Jimmy Austin Golf Course and Soccer Fields at Oklahoma University to Oklahoma Parks and Recreations department Blue Magic™ is providing a safe environment for players and patrons while keeping the areas free of unwanted pests without the use of Deet or other harsh chemicals.

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