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No Bugs On Me!

I am in the heat and air business in Oklahoma. The picture attached was a few months back in Florida while I was hunting alligators and hogs! One of my clients, a Blue Magic distributor, gave me a bottle to try when we got to talking about how often I go hunting. I took it skeptically. He wanted me to put it to the ultimate test! Will it work in the woods while I am out hunting? I put it on the first morning and no bites from any insects, they seemed not to be around me at all! I asked the other guys if they were getting bitten, they responded yes, they were using a popular off-the-shelf brand of repellent. They asked how I was holding out and I told them there were no bites or bugs flying around me! Once we got back to camp they were curious as to what I was using, when I showed them the product they just burst out laughing and thought it was some joke! When they realized I was serious they tried it that same night when we went hog hunting. We couldn't believe it, we were in our thermals wearing our spotlights and the bugs were not bothering us at all, they were only swarming the lights! It did show to dilute the product, however I did not, so I am not sure how beneficial it would be by diluting it. I will be using it to bow hunt this year! If this product works as well on the plants as it did on me, this product will be a game changer for the hunting and gardening world!

-Brian Cameron

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This amazing product brought new life to my strawberry plants back in July. We also had a big 4th of July party where I had my daughter spray the yard after it had just rained in our home in Florida.


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