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No Chemicals on My Paws!

If you haven't tried the Pet collars yet on your pups this season, you need to. These Pet collars use pheromones and have zero chemicals seeping into your pet's skin. On their own it works great. I have even cut mine to fit my wrist so I can protect myself from Mosquitoes! Oh! that's the other thing! This collar is not just for fleas and ticks, it works on flying insects too! I Protect my pets and family by also treating the yard, again without the chemicals, by using the garden hose attachment. I treat the yard every other week and it keeps the mosquitoes and other bugs away AND my grass looks so much better for it! NO Chemicals and all natural!

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New Life!!

This amazing product brought new life to my strawberry plants back in July. We also had a big 4th of July party where I had my daughter spray the yard after it had just rained in our home in Florida.


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