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Suggested Use:
Infestations: Mix 2 ounces of  Blue Magic™ for every 1 gallon of water. Apply treatment, repeating every 2 days until infestation is resolved. Return to regular maintenance schedule.

Weekly Maintenance: Mix 1 ounce of  Blue Magic™ for every 1 gallon of water. Apply treatment weekly.


To avoid damaging plants, NEVER apply  Blue Magic™ under the use of grow lights while powered on. Shake the bottle thoroughly. Fill a spray bottle and spray the entire plant thoroughly, covering all leaves, stems and stock. Allow plants to dry before turning grow lights on. Exposure to strong light while wet may cause damage to plants.


Active Ingredients: Soybean Oil • Sodium Lauryl  • Citric Acid • Rosemary Leaf Oil

Inert Ingredients/Other: Sodium Citrate • Purified Water • Isopropyl Alcohol

Nature's Magic Pest Repellent™ I Commercial I 32oz Bottle

$99.95 Regular Price
$59.95Sale Price
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